Moving your business to a new location is a big job. No matter how you do it, it will be an interruption in business operations and a lot of work. Can you minimize problems by scheduling the move for a weekend? Or should you opt for a weekday? To help you make the right call for your particular business, here are a few of the best reasons for both choices.

Reasons to Move on a Weekend

The biggest reason many commercial moves happen on weekends is that the business is closed. Most small businesses are silent for at least one weekend day, so owners move on a day when customers and normal work routines won't be interrupted. If the work would go faster without employees in the way, a weekend ensures that you bring in only those who you really need.

The weekend move is also a good way to wrap up as much work as you can before making the big shift. You and your staff have a full week to wind things down to a place where you're as ready as possible to close up and start fresh. It may be a long weekend of work, but you'll be in a better position to start as normal on Monday. 

Reasons to Move on a Weekday

A weekday move may mean that the business is open and there may be more interactions with customers, but it also means employees are already there. No one has to work a full week and then come in on an off day to help with their end of things. And even if you plan to use professional movers, your employees will be available when needed.

You may also find better deals and more availability by reputable moving companies (and other vendors) if you schedule on a weekday. Weekends—in particular, Saturdays—are perennially popular and put you in competition with more of both residential and commercial moves. 

Finally, moving during a time when the activity is more visible gives you more opportunities to publicize your move and interact with customers. They're more likely to notice the activity, stop to ask about the move, or find out about it during normal visits. If you disappear over a weekend, they might just show up on Monday confused and dismayed. 

Where to Learn More

Want help determining whether you need employees on-site during your move? Need to calculate the price differences between weekdays and weekends? Looking for a professional opinion? Start by meeting with a business moving service in your area today.