Moving can be challenging for the whole family, including your dog. If you are moving out-of-town with your dog, you need to do everything possible to make the experience easier for it. Here are some ways you can do just that.  

  1. Update your dog's ID tags. Before moving day, ensure that your dog's ID tags have the new address and phone numbers for you and your emergency contact. If the dog does run away during the move, you will have the reassurance of knowing that the information is accurate. 

  2. Keep your dog in a separate room. As the movers arrive to load up your family's belongings, your dog can become anxious with the constant in and out they must do in your home. Leaving your dog in a room free of items that have to be packed can help minimize stress until it is time to leave. 

  3. Walk your dog. The longer your dog is confined in the car, the more uneasy it will feel. Taking your dog for a walk before the trip starts gives it a chance to get fresh air and feel more comfortable as the trip begins.  

  4. Pack snacks and toys. Hunger and boredom can make a trip even more unbearable for your dog. However, having favorite treats and familiar toys along will keep your dog entertained and occupied until you reach your destination. 

  5. Schedule breaks throughout the trip. If you and your dog are traveling by car, it is important that it be allowed to take a bathroom break and stretch periodically. Do not wait until your dog is antsy to stop. A break every three to four hours could potentially work for your dog.  

  6. Choose the right kennel. If you are flying with your dog, the kennel needs to allow room for your dog to stand and have proper ventilation. You also need to check to ensure that the lining is absorbent so that your dog will be in the most sanitary environment possible. 

  7. Consider re-homing your dog. If you have an older dog or one in poor health, traveling by air can be especially hard on it. Depending on the length of the trip, your dog might have to be alone for hours without any real supervision. If your dog's health is questionable, consider re-homing it with a friend or family member.  

Talk to your moving company about other concessions you can make to safely move your dog from one location to the next.