If you are running an online store, using storage rental units to store your items is a great way to expand your space without needing to move or rent out an office. Here are some tips on effectively using storage spaces for your business.

Ask if They Have Insurance

If you have a large amount of merchandise, you may be nervous about leaving it in someone else's hands. Many storage facilities offer insurance to their renters to guarantee your items' safety.

Make Sure There's Pest Control

Another aspect of choosing a great storage facility for your business needs is pest control. You wouldn't want to ship an item to customers that has been exposed to insects or other pests. Ask about the pest control policy before you sign on the dotted line.

Make Sure It's Climate Controlled

Another thing to think about is climate control. If you have items that may sit in the unit for quite a while before selling, you don't want them to be exposed to multiple temperature changes that could degrade the item. Some storage facilities guarantee that their facilities will remain at room temperature throughout the year.

Keep It Organized

If you have a number of product types, it's important to keep your unit organized so that you can retrieve items quickly. You may want to give every item a bin number and then use stackable items to organize the room. Having everything on rollers helps as well; it allows you to easily push stacks out of the way when you don't need them.

Keep Packing Materials On Hand

If you want your storage rental unit to be a one-stop shop for your business, make sure that you have everything you could need for packing on hand at your storage unit. This could include boxes, packaging paper, and even a way to print shipping labels. If you're also wise enough to group your shipments together, you can minimize the amount of trips that you have to make back and forth from your unit.

Leave Room to Grow

If your online business starts to take off, you'll certainly want some extra room so that you can expand your merchandise and increase your sales. This is one reason that it's good to get a space that's bigger than what you need initially. You'll save yourself the hassle of having to pack up everything and move it to another storage location.