If you are going to be moving down the street, you may figure it will be easier and save you money to just do the move yourself. This is especially true if you will be able to move into the new home a week or more before you have to be out of the old one. However, there are still a number of reasons to hire professional movers to do the job. Consider the following before you start packing things up.


When you have a week or more to move, you may be able to take the extra time to organize everything before packing it. You will also be able to mark each box and make sure that you know what is in it so it can be placed in the appropriate room at the new house. However, you may not realize just how long this can take. You and family members may spend extra time sorting through things or even put things off for a while figuring you have time. In the end, you will be tossing things in boxes and not paying attention to what is going where. Professional movers are fast and do not have any emotional attachment to items. They simply wrap and pack them and mark the box for the room it came from. What can take you a week or more to do will take professionals one day.


Unless you are young, strong, and full of energy, packing and moving is going to take a toll on you. Even people in good shape get tired after a day or so of packing and moving. As time passes, everyone will slow down. What you think could be done by family and friends in one day may end up taking two or three. Professionals are used to the work. They will work in teams; one team will do the packing, while the other loads the truck. The teams may switch back and forth a few times to allow for rest. Not having to expend all your energy on the move means you can get your home unpacked and in order much faster.

Of course hiring movers is going to cost you money at a time when you may not have extra to spend. You can save some of the expense by doing the packing yourself. If you know well enough in advance, you can start packing up items that you know will not be used a month before the movers come. Pack as much as possible, but take time so no one feels rushed or under pressure. Let the movers handle the big things and finish the job for you. The whole thing will be less stressful this way.

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