One of the biggest challenges faced by young adults is where to live once they graduate from college. For some, finding the perfect place to move is simple; they will just move to the same city as their family. For others, the challenge is bigger. If you are in the process of moving, you likely want to find a city that offers good pay and excellent cost of living. Plus, you want to find a city with helpful moving services that will get you into a lovely home, condo, or apartment. Here are some excellent choices:

1. San Francisco, CA

With a combination of amazing tourist attractions and booming businesses, it is easy to see why San Francisco is a popular place for techy grads to move. The city's unemployment rate is low compared to many other cities, though you may find rent to be a bit steep. Many college grads move in with roommates.

2. Denver, CO

This mountain city is known for more than its nightlife and beautiful sunsets, and it is certainly a great choice for new graduates. Scores for employment are relatively high, and Denver is quite affordable in comparison to other large cities. There are also plenty of prestigious companies headquartered in the city, including Chipotle, WhiteWave Foods, and DaVita Healthcare Partners.

3. Seattle, WA

Seattle is one well-educated city. In fact, a large percentage of residents have degrees in majors like engineering and computer science. This Washington city is certainly not the most affordable city, but it does offer a variety of working opportunities compared to others. Plus, the unemployment rating for students with bachelor's degrees is much lower than the unemployment rating for those without degrees. Headquartered companies there include Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Nordstrom.

4. Austin TX

If your college program dealt with entertainment or creativity, Austin may be the perfect destination for your next move. A low rate of unemployment and rapid growth has made Austin a fantastic choice for many new grads. The economy is diverse, offering industries like computer tech, engineering, and technology development. Big employers in Austin include Apple and IBM, among others. Of course, it is also a major university city.

Moving right after school is a big deal, and it is important that you select the right city. It is also important to pick the right movers. Got questions about the logistics of moving to a new city? Get in touch with a local moving service today with your questions or click here for more info.