If you have purchased a new home and are planning to move, you may be working to prepare your items for relocation. Professional movers often box and package items in addition to transporting them. Here are a few things that movers usually do to keep your items safe:


It's easy for items to be lost in a move if you don't have a checklist. The inventory list can detail the location of each item by box number. Every one of your belongings that will be moved can be accounted for.

Each moving box should be labeled with a number that corresponds to the annotation on the inventory sheet and marked with a list of the items that it contains.  This can make it easier to locate the whereabouts of every possession once you arrive at your destination. It can also help ensure that you don't leave anything behind. 

Package Like Items Together

When it's time to unpack, you will likely be grateful that your belongings are grouped in an organized manner. For instance, packaging all of your dishes or glasses together can help ensure that all of your items can be quickly located and unpacked.

Packing similar items in the same boxes can also make it easy to pack the items properly. Glass items may need to be individually wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in a box and surrounded by Styrofoam packing material. However, metal pieces may not need the bubble wrap. Crumbled pieces of newspaper in the box may suffice. 

Label Delicate Items as "Fragile"

Breakable items should be handled with care. Professional movers often label boxes containing easily damaged items with a "fragile" label. This helps remind those moving the boxes that the contents are delicate, even if staff members have not stopped to read a detailed list of the boxed contents.

Record the Condition of an Item

Before packing an item, a professional mover may notate the item's condition. This can help confirm that each item has arrived in its original condition. The movers may also provide moving insurance to help cover the cost of any damages in the unlikely event that a mishap does occur.

You may not find it necessary to record the condition of your items on your own before your move, but you may find it helpful to use moving as motivation to help you discard items that are worn or no longer in working condition. 

To learn more steps that you should take when relocating your items during a move, consult with a moving company like Roger's Moving Service.