Moving is already a stressful task, but if you need to move while pregnant, it becomes even more so, especially once you are further along. If you need to move while pregnant, here are four tips you should consider to make it easier and less strenuous:

  1. Take Breaks: While you are packing up your belongings for the move, be sure to take plenty of breaks to give your body the rest that it needs. Your body is already working hard to grow a human, you don't need to push it to do more. Since you will need to take more breaks during this time, it's best to start packing earlier than you otherwise would if you weren't moving while pregnant. 
  2. Pack the Light Stuff: While pregnant, you shouldn't be lifting heavy items. Not only can this put strain on your body, but it can also put baby at harm if your body isn't used to carrying heavy loads. It's best to stick to packing the light stuff, such as the clothing, linens, and your kid's toys. If you don't have the help of friends or family to move the heavier stuff, you must consider hiring local movers for the task. 
  3. Drink Water: While getting ready for the move, many people forget to drink water because they don't want to take breaks, but instead just want to get the task of moving over with. The problem when you are pregnant is that you need to stay hydrated more than usual. This is because your body's circulation slows when you are pregnant due to the pressure the baby puts on many of your organs. If you aren't drinking enough water, circulation becomes even more constricted. This can lead to you passing out, which will definitely take out a huge amount of time from the move, not to mention landing you in the hospital, which can be scary. 
  4. Keep Your Medical Papers Together: Just in case something happens during the move and you need to see your doctor or go to the emergency room right away, you need to be sure that your medical papers are ready. Keep them with you instead of packing them up for the move and be sure that they are organized and ready to go in case of an emergency. 

When you consider these four tips for moving while pregnant, you can be sure that you get the job done as smoothly as possible, which is important for yourself and for your growing baby. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Redondo Van & Storage.