When you purchase a grand piano, you are essentially buying a status symbol.  It is a sign of luxury and symbolizes class and elegance.  However, as beautiful as your piano may be, it can become a source of stress when you're ready to move to a new home.  You may be perplexed as to how you're going to get the piano to the new location, considering the massive size of the musical instrument.  That's why you should always hire expert movers when you need to transport a piano.  Use this information to learn more about the benefits of hiring professional piano movers the next time you need to relocate.

Piano Movers Have The Right Equipment

Moving a piano entails more than simply picking it up and placing it in the new house.  You have to consider many different logistical angles and will require a diverse supply of equipment.  This is where piano movers can definitely lighten your load.

Expert piano movers come equipped with the hoists, large load dollies, and pulleys that you'll need to move the piano safely.  The front doors of your new home may not be wide enough to accommodate the girth of the piano.  If this happens, the professional movers will know how to lift and angle the piano so that it can fit through open upstairs windows or balcony doors.  Once the piano is inside, you can then instruct the movers on where you'd like the piano to be stationed.  

Moving A Piano Can Be Dangerous

Another reason why you should hire expert movers to transport your piano is because moving a piano can oftentimes be quite dangerous.  It's much different from picking up items such as televisions or stereos, simply because of the sheer weight of it.

Even an apartment-sized grand piano can weigh 500 pounds.  If you try to move this yourself, or with the help of a few friends, someone could seriously injure themselves if they don't know proper lifting technique.  You can avoid this by hiring expert movers.  They have the skill and training needed to grapple with such a large amount of weight, and this can go a long way toward keeping you from sustaining injury.

Hiring a professional piano mover may prove to be one of the best decisions you could have made.  The next time you need to transport a grand piano, call a local piano moving company so you can enjoy these benefits and more.