Putting your things into a storage unit can be time consuming, frustrating and exhausting. However, by following some simple tips you can make storing these items a little bit easier. Keep these tips in mind when you are preparing your items to be moved into a storage unit.

Take Pictures of Bubble-Wrapped Fragile Items

Wrap your fragile items, such as large vases, pictures and mirrors in bubble wrap. Tape printed out pictures of each item on the outside of the wrapping. This is going to make it easier for you to find the exact piece you are looking for in the unit and it will also make it obvious just how fragile each piece is so the person moving it is extremely careful.

Secure All Your Appliances

Glass shelves should be removed from your refrigerator, wrapped in bubble wrap and taped in place inside of the refrigerator. Any knobs or handles that may get caught up on something should be removed and secured inside of the appliance. Also, take the electrical cords and tape them to the sides of appliances so they don't get yanked on and cause a tripping hazard.

Pack Certain Items in Plastic Bins

If there are items that you are going to have a hard time categorizing, then you should place those items inside clear plastic bins you can see inside. These bins are designed to stack securely on top of one another, so keep all your bins together when you are placing them inside of your storage unit.

Fill in Gaps With Additional Items

Leaving gaps in your storage unit can lead to shifting items and it also leaves you with wasted space in the unit. Therefore, you should try using flexible or soft items that you know you aren't going to need to fill those gaps. A few examples of the items you can use to fill these empty areas include throw pillows, folded blankets, large stuffed animals and other flexible items.

If you planned on putting your stuff in storage yourself, but are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items you need to move, consider contacting a local moving service, such as Modern Movers, Inc., to help you out. When you are going to be in a rush like this, it is even more important that you know everything is packed correctly. This way, you know everything will stay safe during transport and in the unit.