Protecting your valuables from damage during a move to a self-storage unit is always a challenge. However, the good news is that there are many things you can do to reduce your chances of finding damaged items when you go to retrieve them from storage one day.

As you are packing your household items and moving them into your self-storage unit, follow these simple do's and don'ts to protect your items and eliminate any damage to them:

Do: Completely Fill and Balance the Items in Each Box

It is especially important that you take care to balance the weight within your moving boxes and fill them completely. If there is excess space at the top of your moving box, then you are not using the appropriately sized box or need to add additional items. Additionally, do not mix heavy items with light items, as this will make your boxes unbalanced. Unbalanced boxes are much easier to drop when you are carrying them, and they make breakage of the items contained within them much more likely as the heavy items come into contact with the lighter ones.

Don't: Use Decorative Shelving for Long-Term Storage

It is always better to disassemble your decorative shelving units than it is to use them to store boxes and items on while in your storage unit. Unless you have hardwood shelving that is impervious to sagging problems, you should instead disassemble inexpensive shelving units and store them in pieces rather than trying to use them for storage.

Do: Wrap and Secure Glass Tabletops and Mirrors

Not only are large glass tabletops and mirrors expensive items, they are also very easily broken if bumped or knocked over. If a glass tabletop or mirror breaks while you are moving it or placing it into storage, then it can be very dangerous for any people or pets in the area.

To prevent glass breakage, sandwich your mirrors and glass tabletops between two sheets of plywood or high-quality cardboard, and then store them vertically, out of the way in your storage area behind a large piece of furniture or stack of boxes.

Don't: Wipe Items with Moist Cloths Before Storing

Finally, while you want your items to be clean when they enter your storage unit, you should avoid the desire to wipe them down with a moist cloth before you place them into your storage unit. Even small amounts of moisture may remain on your possessions and will be moved into your storage unit.